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Test table
Test table
Melt flow rates ASTM D 1238-ISO 1133
Density of plastics by displacement ASTM D 792 A
Pendulum impact of plastics IZOD ASTM D 256 A-ISO 180
Impact resistance of plastic film by the tree falling dart method ASTM D 1709
Tensile propieties of plastics ASTM D 638-ISO 527-2
Elognation at yield ASTM D 638
Flexural propieties of non-reinforced and reinforced plastics ASTM D 790-ISO 178
VICAT saftening temperature of plastics ASTM D 1525-ISO 306
Deflection temperature under load ASTM D 648-ISO 75-2
Ash content in thermoplastics ASTM D 5630
Ignition loss of cured reinfarced resins ASTM D 2584
Specular gloss ASTM D 523
Flammability of plastics materials UL 94
A and D Shore hardnes ASTM D 2240
Determination of muluding shrinkage ASTM D 955-ISO 294-4
Dry flow and Bulk density (Rotomolding) ASTM D 1895
Particle size (Rotomolding) ASTM D 1921
Additionally we developed others tests like:
  • Moisture determination
  • Lab colors space measurements
  • Molded specimens
  • Weathering tests
  • DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • Spectrophotometer IR Infrared
  • TGA Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis
  • Scaning Electron Microscopy

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